How to use Dashboards on another machine?

Hello everyone, I am beginner in elastic and kibana. I created dashboards for logs on a machine, exported them in ndjson files and now I want to use these dashboards on another machine .Is it possible to use them on another machine with same index pattern and configuration ?

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Yes, you can import these dashboards and use them for another domain.
You may need to change your domain name in your ndjson files.


Hello Sandeep,
Actually I have two Vms- Test1 And Test2, and I have made Kibana Dashboards on Test1 and now I need to Autodeploy these dashboards on Test2 ,Could you please guide me for this.

In Test1, In Kibana ,Go to settings - Saved objects - > Select dashboards - Export file.

Make any changes to file if required.

In Test2, In Kibana ,Go to settings - Saved objects - > Import dashboard.

Go to dashboards and check.

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yes, I did the same without making any changes in .ndjson file, but on Test2 I got empty dashboard.
Do I have to make any changes in .ndjson file?

Dashboard may be loading, but if there is no data, dashboards will not show anything...You need to push data into TEST2 just like you did with TEST1

Thank you Sandeep for your Guidance Now all Dashboards are working fine on Test2 also.
But rather than importing exporting is there any other way to autodeploy these Dashboards?

One way is by embedding Kibana dashboard URL in your website from TEST1 and use the same URL in TEST2 server with authentication

Kibana works as http server in nature. Why you don't access kibana directly from second machine? Are you running multiple Elasticsearch cluster?

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