Kibana dashboard to be picked automatically

I have exported Dashboard using Kibana UI. Now I have json in hand. I understand that I can import the same dashboard in another Kibana instance.

My question is, is there an alternate way to apply the dashboard in another Kibana instance instead of importing dashboard?

(My use case : I have few Kibana users and I don't want them to import the dashboard instead I should be able to ship the imported dashboard json along with Kibana zip so that when user starts Kibana server it should pick the dashboard automatically)

The dashboards are stored in an index in Elasticsearch.
If the new Kibana instance talks to the same cluster, then you don't need to do a thing :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response.
We have different cluster environment where I need to use the Kibana dashboard.

For more clarity,

Say I have cluster environment DEV and I have couple of dashboards and I exported the dashboards.
Now I am going to create new cluster environment PROD. Here I would like to have the same Kibana dashboards created in DEV environment without using Kibana UI.

So, Is there anyway that I could place the json(exported from DEV cluster) in Kibana zip or Elastic zip so that when PROD environment is up, Kibana comes up with the dashboard?

There's no way to do that inside Elasticsearch or Kibana, no. You could do something like that with automation though, but it would be outside the Elastic Stack.

However you can take a snapshot of the index and then restore it, but it would include everything in the Kibana index.

Alright. Got your point.

Thanks for clarifying

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