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I created 10 dashboards for an index and I want to do that automatically when a new user use another index on another instance of kibana.

Thanks for your help

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This isn't possible. The easiest way to move dashboards and visualizations between Kibana instances is by exporting them and then importing them.

But why do you need additional dashboards? By default all users (are you using X-pack? otherwise there are no real user accounts in Kibana) will be able to see your original 10 dashboards, including those users using your other Kibana instance as long as you didn't change the default *kibana index in kibana.yml.

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I have more than 10 instances of kibana, but I would like to have the same dahsboard for different users.

I am indexing my data by the name of the user, so the user1 can visualize only his server. The problem I tried to store dashboards as json file and ask the user2 for example to import this file to visualize the same dashboards as user1. However, the indexes are different, the user2 can't import the dropdown visualization but he can import other visualizations.

When I take the id of the new user and I put it in the json file, he can do the import correctly. Unless he loses the DropDown visualization.

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Wouldn't it be easier to use X-pack to control which user can access which index?

Running multiple instances and saving data to different indexes doesn't prevent users from accessing other indexes on the free version of Elastic.

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But my instances are running on different machine, and there is only 3 elasticsearch in each cluster, so every user can only visualize his servers.

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