Multiple users ...multiple kibana instances?

Hi forum.

After having my first xpack-enabled cluster I want to experiment with multiple users.
The idea is having multiple users accessing their indices (so, multiple users share the EL cluster) while keeping them encapsulated (so nobody can see other's data) ...
The problem is that I don't get how can users, once they log in in kibana, create their own dashboards and so on, if all them have access to the .kibana index ....

What is the way to go? What happens if different users create visualizations and dashboards for their access-granted indices? What happens with dashboards/visualizations created by others? ... I bet this is something so basic that it has to be solved somehow... isn't it?

I've realized that it could be easy to create multiple systemd units to spawn multiple kibana instances, reading each of them a different .yml configuration file ... so, a per-user .kibana index (.kibana-user1 .kibana-user2 ...) could be possible .... but ... I feel this too hacky ... isn't it?

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards.

Look at spaces

'Spaces' ... that was exactly the piece I was missing!!! ... now it is clear

Thank you!

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