Individual Dashboard/widget Permissions

I am going to be creating a number of dashboards/widgets some of which I would like to be shared between multiple users but not be editable, but I would like these users to be able to create their own private dashboards which of course they can edit freely - is kibana able to support this


If a user wishes to share his dashboard/widget with another user can they send a link so it can be cloned or mutually edited between them

@j_a_griffiths How many users are you managing?

You could give each user their own Space with full privileges while providing read only access to the other spaces. For a smaller number of users this should be a quick solution but if you're managing a large number of users this will likely be a bit cumbersome.

Will this work for your case?

Info on spaces -

For now we are at PoC stage to see what can/cannot be don but if and when we move to a full deployment there could be 1000's of users

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