How to use elasticsearch as a graph query solution

I would like to get examples of how I should structure this data, and queries of it:

Assuming I have a graph with Nodes
NodeA, NodeB, NodeC
PropA, PropB, PropC, PropD

The prop nodes are properties of the Node nodes, and they can override each other.

NodeA has the properties PropA, PropD (I show override properties later in list, so PropD on NodeA has overridden PropA)
NodeB has the properties PropB, PropC, PropA
NodeC has the properties PropD, PropC, PropA, PropB.

So I know how to structure graph queries in Neo4J to be able to figure out which property overrides most other properties and what nodes it is found on -
so what I'm hoping is example of how you might solve this in elasticsearch in a performant manner?

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