How to use Monday as the coordinate point on the x-axis

I want to use Monday as the coordinate point on the x-axis. When the interval is set to weekly, I configure dateformat: Dow as Monday and dateformat: TZ as Shanghai, which is not feasible. What should I do? Kibana6.7

Which exact version of Kibana are you running? There was a bug fix in v6.7.2 that might be related to this.

If you are not on v6.7.2, is it possible to upgrade?

Thank you for your reply. I modified it to kibana 6.7.2, and the result is the same.

I want to change the time zone to GTM + 8 by default, so that the start time of the week is Monday. Is it feasible and where should I change it?

My question is that the time zone has been modified to GMT + 8. Normally, Monday represents the first day of the week, but in the X axis, it is still the first day of the week, which does not correspond to the return result of ES.

34784 is a time zone parameter in the AGG of request, which results in modifying the time zone and is not valid for the saved view.

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