How to use Qlik sense script in elasticsearch

i Need to migrate data from Qlik sense to Elasticsearch the data is loaded in Qlik sense with a script i dont have any prerequisite in qlik sense script i would like to know how to use that script to load data in Elasticsearch

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What is qlik and how would it connect to Elasticsearch?

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Hi safaeaz; correct me if I'm wrong (I only have worked with QlikSense for a couple of months in the past), but QlikSense is just a "visualization" program that uses external data sources; so; the script that you mentioned is really an ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) in a QlikSense way, could share it? If we can take a look, maybe we can suggest an Elastic Agent integration and a pipeline for the source.

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hy iker , yeah i think it's an etl that extract data from csv files transform it and load it in qlik sense the problem is i dont understand that script cuz i neeed to load that data in Elasticsearch Based on these transformations . the script is too large i'll mention part of it

If you are dealing with CSV files, you have a couple of options; use Logstash to perform the same ETL process by monitoring a specific directory; when you add the CSV file (or update), it gets transformed and shipped to Elastic. Another option is using an Elastic pipeline with an Elastic Agent or Beat (Filebeat).

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