How to visualise the comparison of two bar plots in a single plot?

I have two different datasets from two different timeframes, I want to compute the difference between them and visualize it like the following plot.

Is it possible to do so in Kibana?

As you see it's not a time series but it's an operation among two Data Tables from two different time frames.

Hi @choobani,

Without knowing the structure for your data sets I can't fully answer your question. However, I wanted to share with you the Serial Diff aggregation in Elasticsearch. This allows you to compare 2 different time frames.

Kibana has native support to create visualizations with this type of aggregation. For any other custom and more advanced approaches, you can always take a look at the Vega approach. Kibana helps you with the fetching, filtering, searching, and you can use in Vega any additional processing of the data for non-natively supported visualizations.

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Thanks @afharo , Since my data is not a Time Series I think the best way is to use Vega.

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