Howto to visualize/map latest state of a string value of multiple docs

Got metricbeat fetching jolokia values of the state of several instances of Jboss servers of several linux boxes. I tinkering with howto best create a visualization that'll show an overview of each expected instances state if known in the time span (now - now-$sample_period_mins) otherwise declare state as unknown.

docs contains these columns:

  "jolokia": {
      "jboss": {
        "root": {
          "state": "ok",
          "running": {
            "state": "NORMAL",
            "mode": "NORMAL"
      "instance": "titan_jboss-green-a"

Barely got experiences with Canvas, so thinking it might be possible to create a dashboard with a fixed numbers of visulaization elements showing a background colored square 'metric' only having the color changed dependent on the present of a string value jolokia.jboss.root.state[.keyword] and "ok".

Could I some how create an visualization library element and repeat this on a dashboard run with different filters/input arg. values per expected instances?


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