Human Readable Duration - Remove Day Format

I would like to use the human-readable duration but report seconds, minutes and hours only. For example, I want to see 24 hours instead of 1 day.

Is this possible?

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Hi there, choose Stack Management -> Index patterns -> choose you index pattern -> choose and edit your date field -> Set format

Let me know if it helps!

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this is great when my field is a date format. I am using Duration. Is it possible to not include days?

You should able do this? That would only be in Hours and Decimals...
Not sure if that is what you want

Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply. I would like secs, minutes and hours, but not days.

I would like to not be restricted by either, secs, mins or hours.

I do not think what you are requesting is an option at this time.

What Visualization will you be using?

You can open a feature request against the Kibana repo in github

there are range or lens and aggregated vis that I am using. The reason I want to avoid days is because I want to relate a day to a working day of 8 hours not 24 hours.

I know what lens is but unclear what you mean by the others... either way no simple way to do what you want today.

Please feel free to open a feature request describing your use case if you like.

sorry, to clarify "a range of lens" i mean data table, stacked bar, line etc. and aggregated vis (the old way using terms). I will add a feature request.

dumb question, but do you have link to the gitub repo, I just googled it and couldn't locate it to generate the feature request

Sorry I should have linked it above

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