I am getting a Error in kibana dashboard creation

Hello It seems i keep receiving this issue on both the newest version of ELK and also a previous version.

Error: [unsupported_operation_exception] custom format isn't supported is the error. It only shows up when i try to create a new dashboard in kibana.

Where are you seeing this?
Please provide the steps you followed to get this error and the complete error you are seeing.

i added a new mtericbeat yml to send stats to this cluster and i received this.

Please also provide all the different versions of the tools you are using.

I am up to date on all versions


Can you share your metricbeat config file and the metricbeat logs? Did you start with an empty elasticsearch cluster or did you have previous data in it?

metric beat logs show no issues and this was with previous data in the ES cluster

may have found the issue, there was a bad index in the cluster. Didn't see it my first run through.

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