I am trying to visualize the data using timeseries visual builder and fails to load the data

Hi I have a data where date filed is custom(date_run). When i try to visualize the data, I always see count being zero, though i see some spikes.

Below are the pictures

Even i see it in the table format also i don't see any data

Also i wanted to know how to insert _timestamp filed in my index.

Hey @ndevathi, which version of Kibana are you seeing this behavior?

I am using 6.3

Hey @ndevathi, the legends to the right reflect the values when you hover over specific data points as illustrated below:

The issue with the data table counts appears to be unrelated, can you open up an Issue for that here

Hi @Brandon_Kobel Thanks for the info. I have created a issue as you asked. Here is the link for the same.https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/22702

Can you please tell me how to generate a index with timestamp field. I mean how to add @timestamp or _timestmap filed for all the index that gets created at runtime.


Hey @ndevathi, you'll want to specify the @timestamp field when indexing your data into Elasticsearch, what's your current process for ingesting data?

If you have an existing index that you'd like to create the @timestamp field based on existing data, you can use the Elasticsearch Reindex API

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