Kibana: Can not load data

I can not load the data in the Kibana table whenever my data contains a date format column

I'm using the latest version of ELK

Please kindly help me to resolve this issue
Thanks so much

Hi, could you provide some more info so that we can help you. Some things I'd be interested in:

  1. What is the timerange you have selected? Are you sure there are documents in that timerange?
  2. Can you paste the mapping for your index?
  3. If you go to devtools and query the selected timerange, do you get any documents back?

Hi majagrubic

  1. I chose time : last 1 year
  2. index name: swap_comp_report , index pattern: swap_comp_report*


  3. Seems I have a problem with the timestamp
    Thanks for your suggestion

Hi majagrubic,
The problem was resolved. I tried to change the time range to 15 year ago
But one more question
For now, seems kibana creates timestamp by a date field in my csv data. How can I create the timestamp as current millisecond?
Thank you so much

Glad it was resolved.
You can create a scripted field that would get your date as milliseconds. The script would look something like:

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