How to have timestamp on my docs and kibana show a count of docs per timestamp range


Absolutely newbie here.
I have some data that I'm sending to elasticsearch in JSON. The index is created automatically. I almost have no idea of how to setup indexes and visualization the way I like.

So, other indexes on my environment that were created by syslog sources through logstash, they all have a @timestamp and kibana shows a time series on top of visualization page.

My index shows the fields I sent in doc, but no @timestamp and no time series on kibana.

Please give me hints.

Want this:

Have this:

If you want a timestamp field, you need to provide it. Elasticsearch does not create it automatically.

Hi David,

Is correct to assume that if my query returns a dataset with any datetime field, regardless how I named it, Kibana will automatically display that timeline?

If you go into Management module of Kibana and check the settings of the relevant Index Pattern you'll see what the appropriate timestamp field would be :slight_smile:

Hi. I created this index by POSTing docs to it. Currently this is whats kibana shows me:
No pre-established timestamp field.

Can you point me the direction?

There does not seem to be a feature in the GUI allowing to change it once the index pattern was created:

As they pointed out in the issue it is also unclear how to change it later in a version of Kibana > 6 ...

You could try creatig a new index pattern (which allows to you define the timestamp field) and see where the differences are from what you have.

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