I need help

i am trying to make a parsedmarc elasticsearch and Kibana docker container, everything is running fine except i dont see any data on Kibana and i dont know what im doing wrong, because with the same configs they were running on a VM just fine, but the Docker version is not working. when i go to elasticsearch:9200 i can see its running just fine

in Kibana i dont discorver anything

and my docker-compose file looks like this

can any1 help me figure this out?

The issue will be between the parsedmarc and elasticsearch container, cause if data doesn't show up in Kibana, it doesn't exist in elasticsearch. Have you checked your parsedmarc output logs for any issues?

ive solved the problem, when installing parsedmarc, even if i just want to use it with elasticsearch and kibana on a VM without container it only works under virtual environment venv, so i made a dockerfile myself with parsedmarc inside a Docker and inside a venv xD i know i dont need to create a virtual environment inside a docker but its the only way it works, thanks for the reply still, merry christmas and happy new year bro!

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