I try to make a goal of how many entries have a certain field

Hi there,

we do a lot of background processing. Now I want to make different goals to illustrate how many % we have. (It usually will never be 100% for all - that would be the final goal)

The way our processing works is it adds some new field to every document once processing is done..

Can I make a goal for that ? I tried a lot but no luck :frowning:

Hi John,

could you please share a bit more details about how your documents look (especially the related fields), and what you would expect the goal visualization to look like? I currently am not able to really see you desired outcome.


Hi Tim,

thx or your reply :slight_smile:

We have customers which have ~20 fields to start with. The mappings have around ~60 fields.
Depending on the customer, we will add some stuff like second adress, comments or goals.

One goal is: User makes an account on our website. Field 'has_an_account' is empty to start with and filled with values (registered, blocked,..) if we get the information.

Now i want to visualize how many of our Customers also have an account.. The goal would obv. be that 100% have one.

Do i have to put default values in the fields for that ? Or can i make a goal which shows me how many % of documents have that field ?

That should work without putting an additional value, but unfortunately only in Visual Builder (Filter Ratio) or Canvas right now. For having that in the classical goal visualization we would need bucket script aggregations first.

But in these it works, by specifying a filter for the specific value and a filter for all other documents (since you want that percentage).

Also a note: even if you ever want to filter for the documents without a value, that won't be a problem, since you can filter data also for documents, that don't have a value for a field.

Thank you very much sir, i will have a look at this :slight_smile:

Hope it helped you. Please feel free to get back, if you have further questions :sunny:

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