I want to Kibana connect with exemple.com

Hello, I wish not to connect anymore to Kibana with the private IP. Thus I want to connect with http://exemple.com. I made a lot of test of configuration but without results. What do I have to make please?

At a high level you need to buy a domain, set a forward DNS entry from example.com to your server's IP address, and set kibana's listen address to the server's public IP. I would recommend setting a proxy in between with basic auth or using the security plugin to secure your data. You'll also need to make sure there aren't any firewall rules blocking the address you're serving from.

The first two steps are dependent on your provider, the listen address can be set in kibana.yml with the server.host setting.

Can you share what you've done so far and we can dive in further?

I have a domain. But when I want to use a domain in configuration files, I have an 504 error "Gateway Time-out" or 502 "Bad Gateway if I add proxy_connect_timeout 300; , proxy_send_timeout 300; , proxy_read_timeout 300; and send_timeout 300; in nginx.conf, in http { ... }.

I have a public IP. And I have a proxy with autentificazion when I enter URL (http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) in my web browser.





Someone can help me please ?

Hey my apologies I missed your notification.

In your nginx configuration, server_name should be set to exemple.com. The proxy pass looks correct. On your server with nginx, make sure you can ping private ip in kibana.yml.

When you say private ip are you accessing this on the same network? lan?

I put on example.com but it did not work. I tried different things but without results.
The ping works well to the private address since I access the web interface via the private IP address.
The private IP address is in another network because I go through a VPN.

Thank you ! I have just change my server_name in nginx.

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