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I am trying to export visualizations and dashbeards from Kibana 5.6 installed in the server A to Kibana 5.6 installed in the server B. I have the same number of indexes and the same names.
when I try to export the visualization, I have this:

    "_id": "AV-ClcU8UwmRfhQjq3Nb",
    "_type": "visualization",
    "_source": {
      "title": "Disponibilité de l'application BE",
      "visState": "{\"title\":\"Disponibilité de l'application BE\",\"type\":\"tagcloud\",\"params\":{\"scale\":\"linear\",\"orientation\":\"single\",\"minFontSize\":18,\"maxFontSize\":72,\"type\":\"tagcloud\"},\"aggs\":[{\"id\":\"1\",\"enabled\":true,\"type\":\"count\",\"schema\":\"metric\",\"params\":{}},{\"id\":\"2\",\"enabled\":true,\"type\":\"terms\",\"schema\":\"segment\",\"params\":{\"field\":\"status.keyword\",\"size\":1,\"orderAgg\":{\"id\":\"2-orderAgg\",\"enabled\":true,\"type\":\"max\",\"schema\":\"orderAgg\",\"params\":{\"field\":\"time\"}},\"order\":\"desc\",\"orderBy\":\"custom\"}}],\"listeners\":{}}",
      "uiStateJSON": "{}",
      "description": "",
      "version": 1,
      "kibanaSavedObjectMeta": {
        "searchSourceJSON": "{\"index\":\"AV-CbLNjUwmfhQjq3Lo\",\"query\":{\"match_all\":{}},\"filter\":[]}"

My problem is the index ID I do not have the same credentials in both servers (which is normal).
But unfortunately I can not import this visualization because it does not know the identifier of the index. (AV-CbLNjUwmfhQjq3Lo)

Can you please help me because I have 60 visualizations to create.

Thank you very much.

Help Please

Does the 'Import' wizard in Management --> Saved Objects not give you the option to Select the Index Pattern from a Drop Down List in Server B?

@Chemse Did you get a chance to check the above?

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