Import only beats relevant dashoard from the whole default dashboards

Hi there,
is there some best practice or a trick for this: as everyone knowsthe default dashboards are quite many. How / What can I do it if I only want to import the default stuff (dashboards, templates and so on) for metricbeat? Any ideas?
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Hi Stefano. There is an existing feature request for this capability. Can you please add a comment there expressing your need? It will help us prioritize this issue in our roadmap.

Good morning Nick,
really? That is great news! We at Metronom (gold subscription) have this issue since a few years on the table. Sample dashboards are a good idea and it makes sense to offer them. But: if you just want to show a few of them (either: e.g. only metricbeats or: specific ones of one type) then it makes no sense to do it as it is done right now.

  1. Beats / dashboards / related objects get more and more from version (minor / major) to version.
  2. you have dead stuff in your system that noone needs - this goes against my / our housekeeping policy
  3. visibility for our customers is a nitghtmare. Keep in mind: there can be already quite some dashboards / objects made by internal customers as well

The wish is just to pick that objects /dashboards I or the internal customer need. You could do it by offering a list with checkboxes. But of course you could also still say: I want them all. These are my two cents on the topic. Feel free to discuss it.

By the way is there a trick right now? E.g. unpacking the metricbeat package and deleting in specific directories all the objects I do not need and therefore only installing what I need?
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Hi Stefano,

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. It would be best to add your case to the GitHub issue I linked.

At this time there is no workaround for selecting specific dashboards.

Sure, I will do it.
kind regrds

Hmm, but what about this trick: Load only some metricbeat dashboards
Did someone try something like this?
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