Import OpenVas reports into ELK



  • Running ELK 6.8.10 Standalone
  • Tested on two Greenbone products
    1- GSM CE 6.0.7
    2- Source Edition running on Debian 10, with the following components:
    *master (openvas-smb)

I need to import the results of the OpenVas scans into ELK stack. I have been trying to use the VulnWhisperer tool (, but have not been able to get it to connect to OpenVas to download the reports. I receive a series of errors when trying to connect to OpenVas.

  • Can someone help me make this work?
  • Does somebody know of another tool that fulfills the same function? If you do, please recommend it to me.

Console output errors

ERROR:vulnWhispererOpenVAS:__init__:Unable to establish connection with OpenVAS scanner. Reason: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'text'
ERROR:root:main:__init__() should return None, not 'bool'
ERROR: __init__() should return None, not 'bool'

Thank you

Even I am having the same issue .Did you rectify this issue?

hi @SurajR,

VulnWhisperer project is outdated (that's why the errors) and frozen for now. I got in touch with the maintainers and they say the project is not dead and even have plans for version 2.0, but for now, they are short handed and won't be providing support nor fixing bug reports. So I guess finding a different solution for now is all we can do.


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Thank you mate @ManuelF . Will find something new.