Import picture.png into kibana

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Hello everyone,
Could I import picture.png into kibana platform ?
Please Help.

(kulkarni) #2


Can you be more specific? Where do you want to see the PNG picture in Kibana ?


(Nour Ben Amor) #3

Thank you for your answer!!
Actually i prepare my final academic project , so i used the x-pack solution to present the time serie and the anomaly detection analysis from one hand and from another hand i used the jpyter platfrom to complete the another analysis with python(Classification,Regression,outlayers...)
Finally , i have to regroupe all the results of my two platform into one platform!
My question here: can i put the results of my python analyse(which are picture.png) in the kibana platform ?

Please Help! I'm blocked :frowning:

(kulkarni) #4

Probably you can use the image field formatter if the image is hosted somewhere and be seen in Discover atleast. But , currently Kibana doesn't have any image uploading feature yet or have the bytes of the image in an index somewhere and have it displayed through Kibana.


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