Importing dashboard to kibana using rest api method

hello guys , I'm new to ELK , I'm trying to automate the process of integrating my metricbeat system with multible apps and systems , I have exported my desired dashboard and i want to automate the process of importing it into the new systems in the future by using the API method but i think its deprecated , can any one tell me what is the right way of doing so, and tell me if this is the right approach to automate this proccess

Thanks in advance

Hi @_Zeyad_Elshater,

For newer versions I would have a look at the import API. As long as you've used the export API it should work.

yes I already used this method that the docs are referring to, still have Authentication error, so I'm looking for a way to make the login successfull

If you're receiving an authentication error it might be you don't have sufficient permissions, or you need to specify an API Key or token in the request to authenticate yourself. Can you share a sample request that you are running?

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