Importing Visualization + Dashboards

(Marcos Felix) #1

I have a Ubuntu server that is currently using Graylog and ES. Everything working smoothly there. I downloaded Kibana for visualizations and its working fine. Now to save me time, I am trying to import some visualization and dashboard from winlogbeat. I have winlogbeat downloaded on my local host. I select the JSON files but it returns an error:

My Kibana is 5.6.10
The winlogbeat is 6.3.2
Could it be that? but surely a JSON file will be the same regardless of the version.
I also tried copying the JSON code into individual visualizations, but it isnt working there either:

i know for sure that this number is wrong because if I query winlogbeat-* it returns a different number.
Any clues?

edit #1 : I don't have a winlogbeat per say, the one i am using is the Graylog-side-car. So I am not importing the files from the winlogbeat that's processing these logs, could it be that?