In pointseries show 'text' value outside of bars



When adding text="count" in pointseries the count value gets printed, but overlaps with the bars. This happens for both horisontal and vertical bars.


  1. What should be added to make sure the value count is shown to the right of horisontal bars and on top of vertical bars?
  2. How do I set the font size of the added text?

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@jakn The chart elements and their text labels have default values that are applied or calculated by Canvas. However, both of these can be overridden using the CSS settings panel for the selected element.

You can access (add) this panel by first selecting the chart element on your workpad then - in the right hand side of the work area - click the plus icon in the 'Element style' panel. You can then click on the CSS option in the popover panel as seen below:

In the CSS textarea input, you can override the label styles as follows, for example:

Hopefully this will get you closer to your desired state!

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