In pointseries stacked chart showing ‘text’ values on the right place


I've created a stacked bar chart, I want to show the values on the right places and I also have a filter that will change with the dropdown.

How can I arrange the text for it to show in the right places.

This is my chart:

And here is my code:

filters group="SePr"
| essql 
  query="select Service_Provider, Answer,Question_code,Response_ID from \"processed_transformed\" where  Question_code ='Reletting'  and record_type='survey_metric' " count=10000
| pointseries x="unique(Response_ID)" y="Question_code" color="Answer" text="unique(Response_ID)"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=0.4 horizontalBars=true stack=true} legend=true 
  palette={palette "#88a8a8" "#afc4c4" "#d7e1e1" "#444444" "#777777" "#BBBBBB" gradient=true} 
  font={font align="right" color="#000000" family="'Open Sans', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" italic=false size=12 underline=false weight="bold"} yaxis=false
| render css=".canvasRenderEl .valueLabel { padding-left: 6%; font-size: 11px }"


What is the right place here?

cc @corey.robertson / @poff


The order should be 3 - 2 - 6 - 4 , and they can be in the graph or above/ below. It doesnt matter as long as it s on the correct color.

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