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We have a website with sql database which we are planning to replace with ELK.
In that website, there is a page where we pull data from sql into textboxes where the user edits the data and saves the changes.
In elk, how can I implement the same functionality in kibana, where I can pull data from elastic search, display it in textboxes and the user can edit and save the changes?
Baiscally, I need to have a kibana view with text boxes and save button and a backend code for pulling/pushing data in elasticsearch.


I know that there is a Java API with ES (see:, but doing this embedded in Kibana, not sure you can do it.
With this API you can do it in your basic J2E web page and render I think

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Thanks Nico.. i went through the link and i guess it would have helped if i were to use it in in a java web application as u said. Its not meant to be used in kibana.

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