Incorrect data representation in Kibana 4.1.2


I am a new to Kibana and Elasticsearch in general, so maybe it is not a huge problem at all and I overlooked or missed something.
I have a mapping, specific part of it looks like this:

"duration": { 
  "type": "date", 
  "format": "HH:mm:ss", 
  "index": "not_analyzed"

Then, I have an event with "duration" field, wich in JSON format looks like this:

"duration": "00:33:34"

It's totally fine and correct, except that in Table format this field represented as "05:34:33". Somehow Kibana adds extra 5 hours to the "duration" field. Since my local TZ is not UTC (actually it is UTC+5:00), my guess is that Kibana's moment.js for some reason adds this 5 hours.
How to avoid this behaviour?

I think there is a FR on GH to configure this, but I don't seem to be able to find it sorry.