ISSUE:kibana 4 adds a few hours to timeStamp based on time zone

my elastic contains this data
"ReportTime": "2015-10-06T16:34:38.568Z",
"SessionId": "RYo80Y6Yj4",
"UserId": "testKibana",
"Message": " OTP Project - Login Event - WiFiCustomer Login - Success",
"timestamp": "2015-10-06T16:34:38.568Z"
when i view the same data on kibana
the timestamp or the ReportTime the date displayed is October 6th 2015, 22:04:38.568 it adds +530 hours we are not sure why this is happening.
can anyone guide us on the same.

Kibana displays timestamps in local time. Your timestamps are 16:34 UTC which is 22:04 in your local timezone. This behavior is currently not configurable. There's a GitHub issue that you can track. Last time I looked I think a fix was scheduled for Kibana 4.4.

Since you'll have the @timestamp field anyway you might as well delete the timestamp field. And what's the difference between timestamp and ReportTime? In your example they're exactly the same. Will they ever differ?

thanks magnus,
the timestamp field was just a test field we r not using it. thanks for the update.
currently as a work around while sending the date to elastic we are adding +530 to the report time field to solve the above issue.