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Hello All,

I have ingested some data inside elastic search and trying to visualize using Kibana Timelion.


But it is not reflecting any output in my graph.

I crossed verified my index name in Elastic search by querying like this:

GET /fx_twofour_outbound/_search

All my data are available inside elastic search.

Other visualization tools are working fine. But I am facing issue with no output in timelion.

Let me know what could be the issue here.

Thanks in advance.

A common reason for data not showing up in timelion is because of the name of your timefield. By default timelion uses @timestamp, but you can change that by specifing the timefield argument.

timelion functions doc

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If that is the case, I tried giving like this:

.es(index="fx_twofour_outbound,timefield ="TransactTime_Tag_60")

It shows a syntax error.

Can't we specify both the index and timefield together?

.es(index="fx_twofour_outbound", timefield="TransactTime_Tag_60")

A space after ',' is the reason for failing so far?

Strange behaviour.

I actually changed the fields and retrieved data like this


It worked.

Just cross verified. Both the query results in same output.

Thanks a lot.

If you look closely at the code you posted, you weren't properly enclosing your index name within double quotes. So the parser thought your index name was 'fx_twofour_outbound,timefield =' and then didn't know what to do with 'TransactTime_Tag_60"'. :wink:

That's really bad.

Unexpected and not noticed at all till you mentioned it now.

Bad code and silly mistake.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Happy to help!

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