Index pattern for data stream

I'm trying to visualize the data from the data stream in Kibana.

So I’ve created an index template “api-logs” with the index pattern “api-logs*”

and add some documents to the new data stream:

PUT api-logs/_bulk

{ "create":{ } }

{ "@timestamp": "2021-05-05T10:00:00.000Z", "message": "test" }

The data stream was successfully created and I was able to check the docs via

GET api-logs /_search

The backing index became the name “.ds-api-logs-000001” and everything seemed to be ok.

Now I want to explore the docs within Kibana.

I created a new Kibana index pattern and chose api-logs data stream.

But when i move to Discover, it shows me no data within this index/data stream.

I’ve also tried to create patterns for the index api-logs* and api-logs but without success.

What I’m doing wrong?

Hi @anmmok,

I've just followed your steps and can see a test document in Discover. Could you check that your test document isn't filtered out by the time filter? By default Discover filter is "last 15 minutes"

Hi @dosant ,

yes, that was exactly the point.
I forgot, that the timestamp field is the primary time field for the global time filter and thought it was a creation time of the documents, which is not even a field in my docs :man_facepalming: :grin:

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