Index-Pattern with mask in space, show more indexes that he has access to

Hello! I have two indexes its "test-index-one" and "test-index-two", and pattern "test-index-" and its placed in the space "One". And i have role on my user, that says i have index "test-index-one" as read, and no mention of "test-index-two", and the role has access to space "One".
So my question is, when i enter space "One" using my user with his role, and choose my index-pattern "test-index-
" i see both data from indexes "test-index-one" and "test-index-two". How can i make that i will see just "test-index-one" like my permission in my role say? I use ELK 7.3.2

Are you please able to show a few screenshots with the settings you have for this?

Please upgrade, 7.3 is EOL :slight_smile:

Don't know if you mean this screenshots, but here some of them.
Thanks, will update after some time, but unfortunately i need to fix my problem using this version

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