Index.routing.allocation.* setted in a static way

Hi all,
currently I have a cluster with 3 nodes (with every roles setted: Master + DATA).
My Elastic is filled by two different indices, football_datestamp and basketball_datestamp, where datestamp is
I would like to have football index only on node3 so I have configured into elasticsearch.yml of node3 the key value"index.routing.allocation.include.tag" : "footballTeam".
How can I specify the dynamic index name into the classic CURL command to redistribute shards on node3?
I mean, something like:

PUT football*/_settings
  "index.routing.allocation.include.tag": "footballTeam"

Will does it work?

At the beginning, when my Filebeats clients send messages of football index, messages will be distributed on all the nodes, isn't it? is there a way to make the CURL command static when elasticsearch startup? I don't really like the idea to execute a command everytime.

ps: is there a page where I can find all the possible attributes of shards allocation? taking a look to ELK documentation I didn't find a complete list.
thanks in advance

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