Index Shrinking?

We are implementing elastic in our company.
As the person who responsible for it, I had been ask from my manager to check for grow of index each day and report it to group of managers.
well I did it, finding that after 3 or 4 days of index grow suddenly one day the index check was decrease in size from the check of day before it.
Although the data was streamed still we had decrease in index size.
I did suppose it was because of ILM implementation that has shrink function.
the problem was that there were no mention of any shrink activity running on the index in the elastic logs and also the index statistics from the dev console that can be achieved with "get" directive did not give any clue for shrink.

My manager asked from me for clear answer so I opened here the treat.
The question is what happened? why as well as data was streamed into elastic day by day the index size was reduced?
Is it shrink function or else situation and what is it if not shrink?
if it is shrink when this function runs? with what trigger and in what interval?
is it running automatically without any configuration?

any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advanced.

This sounds like it might be the effect of normal merging, which can make index size go up and down a bit as data is reorganised into larger segments. Unless you explicitly have specified indices to be shrunk at some point during the lifecycle that will not happen automatically.

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