Index value to be used across different index patterns

I understand that if you have a dashboard with multiple index patterns.
If you use the search field and apply filter to any of the fields; if that field exists in other indices too it will apply that filter i.e. search value to other indices too.

I was wondering if it is possible to use the index/search values for a field in an index pattern 1 e.g. 'application.status.keyword' in an another index pattern 2 which has a different field name e.g. 'application.success.keyword'.

So the question really is can a value obtained from first index pattern be used in the second index pattern if the fields are name differently.

I was hoping a search/ query value from first index could be used in another index pattern for another field.

Kind regards

You're after a join between two indices, which is not possible in Elasticsearch sorry.

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