Search across indices


I have multiple indices in Elastic Search containing data about subjects and I have built dashboards for each of these indices and sharing them to end users.

index A: has subjecID, subjecttype, subjectDate
index B: has subjecID, subjectShiipedDate, subjctProcuredDate, subjectDeliveredDate
index B: has subjecID, subjectPrice, SubjectTax, subjectTotalPrice

Dashboard A: It has data form Index A
Dashboard B: It has data form Index B
Dashboard C: It has data form Index C

Now I want to search for a subject ( available across all indices) on a Elastic Search ? Can someone share a how a query should look like?
Also is this kind of functionality possible on Kibana dashboards?


Hi @sreeramg
I am having the same problem.
Did you find a solution?

I am not sure I understand your question correctly.

what you could try:

  • if your indexes are named index_A, index_B and index_C
  • you can add new index pattern index_*
  • and then use this index pattern in your searches/dashboards

let me know if this is what you are looking for.

regards, Peter