IndexPattern not working PLEASE HELP ME

Hi everybody, I will try explaining my problem here and I hope someone can help me since I am trying to get a an answer for almost 2 weeks now.

So I downloaded the following projects:

(also these plugins;

I installed all of them and run the command: (ofcourse instead of elasticsearch I typed all the projects seperately).
-systemctl daemon-reload
-systemctl enable elasticsearch.service
-systemctl start elasticsearch.service
-systemctl status elasticsearch

& they are all active and the status is green which means they are probably working fine, but whenever I try to add an index pattern I somehow can't create a logstash one (nor the other ones do). afbeelding afbeelding

after installing I didn't do something else so can someone maybe help me out here? Did I need to configure stuff first or anything like that? pretty pretty please someone help me out!!!


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