Indice transfert from ES 2,x to ES 5.x


I have 3 differents ES cluster running under ES 2.x ... I would like to transfer some indices including Mapping from ES 2 (3 clusters) to ES 5 (1 cluster).

What's the best way to do that ?

Jérôme Fortias

Some options:

  • Snapshot/Restore as long as indices/mappings are compatible. You need to use the migration plugin to check that. It requires a shared FS though.
  • Reindex from remote. IMO that's the best option as everything will reindexed as 5.6 indices. So you will be ready for 6.0 transition :slight_smile: The bad side of it is that it will reindex everything which can cost lot of CPU but if you are ok with that, go for it. Good thing is that you can try it on a subset of your data as you can provide a query to just narrow the data to reindex.

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