Input needed for Elastic's Cloud Security offerings!

Hi Elastic community!

I'm Dan-- I help out with our new cloud security capabilities where I focus on cloud threat detection, prevention & response. I'm looking to meet up with any Elastic users that might be:

  • Thinking about how to detect and prevent malicious behavior on their Kubernetes clusters/pods
  • Considering response actions in Kubernetes (like killing pods, deployments, taking actions to facilitate incident response, etc)
  • Thinking about other kinds of response actions you'd like to take? Inserting security group rules, adding network ACLs, making forensic images of your virtual machines, pod images, etc

If this describes you, let’s chat! I’m building out roadmaps for these themes and want to ensure that our work is relevant and impactful for our customers. To that end, I’m looking for folks who could be willing…

  • to share their thoughts with a captive/intrepid PM
  • to consider joining us as design partners
  • to beta test some of our software

If you're interested, feel free to shoot me a DM or email me!

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