No reply from Elastic sales team


Over a week ago I contacted Elastic twice about paid technical support but I'm not getting any reply.

I've been trialing Elastic for a long time and recently the project has finally moved from testing to trial production. However due to a lack of skill from my side I am unable to create certain watchers/alerts that we need. I might need a custom visualization/plugin as well.

I contacted Elastic sales requesting a quotation along with a description of the watchers/alerts I need but I have received no reply or confirmed my email was received.

Currently we have Elasticsearch running on EC2 but I want to move to Elastic cloud so we can make use of X-pack.

Gold/platinum support is way too expensive for us hence I want a project based quote for some custom support.

Can you DM me the email address you used in the form, I'll follow up for you.

@Sjaak01 as you are collecting Netflow data and other sources that we work with everyday, I would be happy to discuss how we can help you with your project. Either send me a direct message, or email me at rob{at)koiossian(dot)com.

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