Why there is no elastic engineer to support us?

As we have already subscribed the platinum support for Elastic cloud (SaaS)

when I ask help to elastic support (support@elastic.co), why there is no engineer support us instantly.

Your CEO Shane said before, put the service at the first. what a bad service!

Please do responsible for your SLA support promise

Your request (#00341031) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff.

Level 3 (Normal)


3 Business days


Elastic Support

Just so we understand, are you saying that you are expecting we respond to your request immediately?


Yes, We want to start the elastic cloud project quickly, we had asked your support team to add our engineers to support portal and as well as schedule a time to do once kickoff to introduce what support you can provide? like by mail/ticket phone, etc?
is it difficult to do that?

Hi Robin,

I'm very sorry about your support experience thus far. Clearly we dropped the ball here. I'm going to respond in the case you opened with elastic support and explain a couple things about how we work and SLAs etc. I'm happy to jump on a call to further discuss your platinum support subscription. Again, please accept my apologies, we will get this right!


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Hi @mmatthies
It's okay, we changed on-premise ELK into the elastic cloud, it's because we believe the Elastic team can provide good support whatever on expertise or service.


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