Are elasticsearch supports plan for real?

Here is the situation: We (Company located in Berlin, Germany) are slowly rolling out our elasticsearch cluster. By the end of the year, several use cases should be using elasticsearch as search engine.

While we have a competent engineering team, we would love to have an expert to join our crew for one or two weeks. We have documented some items we want to tackle, but we want to make this interesting, in a hacketon way. Our idea is to hire someone that work closely with our elasticsearch cluster for that period of time and evaluate our setup, discuss new approaches, improve our infrastructure, and do cool stuff with us. If possible, that person could engage in case we have an incident and some kind of external help is needed.

We were thinking on an elasticsearch developer, or a platinum support plan from elasticsearch. I've written 4 times using, and called several times to the given telephone numbers in the contact session, but I can't get a sale person on the line. I hope any representative of elasticsearch reads this post and can give me an advise, on what I have to do to, to give them our money :-).

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