Install custom plugin


I would like to install a custom plugin (LTR : I use Elastic Cloud.
Apparently I have to upgrade to a premium subscription. I've just requested info at

But in the meantime, do you have an idea of the price of such a subscription ? Do you know if it is affordable because I'm a student and I need this plugin for a project in my school.

Thanks a lot!

It's not expensive, but it's likely going to be too much given your situation. You will probably find it's going to be more cost effective for you to run this yourself.

Thanks for you response!

Do you have an idea of the exact price ?
So you think it would be more cost effective not to use elastic cloud ?

I don't no, but it's more than what is listed on the site as the subscription level that enables custom plugins also comes with support.

Given you are a student, with limited budget and certain requirements, I think you'd be better off managing it yourself.

Ok thanks a lot for your advice. I will wait the response from the team and the price before moving forward.

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