Install ES stack in a k8s cluster composed of multiple machines

I want to install ES stack in a K8s cluster composed of multiple machines which runs vanilla K8s.
These machines are all on-prem machines running Ubuntu, hence I need to install ES stack on in-house servers, not on any public cloud.

I also want the ES and KB websites could be accessed via an external URL (not just access the websites from the local URL where ES and KB are installed on). So some extra pods (e.g., Ingress ?) might required for that purpose.

I googled around, but couldn't find good documents or step-by-step guidance.
I highly appreciate if you could share some information to help . :pray: :pray: :pray:

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Quickstart | Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes [1.7] | Elastic should get you most of the way.

Thanks for the update. I followed the link (for the quick start), but the installed ES and KB websites could only be accessed via an internal local URL, and can't be accessed via a external URL. Is there any quick sample solution (or example) to add an external URL to access ES & KB ? I appreciate your help.

I'm not sure on that aspect myself sorry.

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