Install Logstash 7.13

I have aws opensearch cluster of version 1.0

I want to send the logs to this cluster using logstash. But when we install the logstash it install the latest version of logstash and which is not supported by opensearch 1.0. It supports logstash 7.13.x. How can I install that specific version on ubuntu system

Please suggest

Thanks in advance


You have two possibilities to install the version you want.

  • First is in command line on Ubuntu you have the opportunity to specify the version you want to install.
    Example : sudo apt-get install logstash=7.13.4

  • The second possibility is to download the archive on the website. List of logstash past releases


when I tried this it was showing no logstash version match. But let me try it again

Hi @Nikparab

So just to be clear this is the Elasticsearch community forum not the Opensearch community forum so help here will be very limited as it is a completely different code base / product at this point.

I think perhaps your issue may be perhaps you are downloading the official version of Logstash from the Official Elastic repo where is you probably need to download the Opensearch version of Logstash assuming one exists, I am not exactly sure how that all works.

It is my understanding, As of version 7.11 Logstash the Elasticsearch output plugin from Elasticsearch repo will only work with the Official Elasticsearch not Opensearch so I think you need to go visit their forum / documents.

Perhaps you could try the official version of Elasticsearch and everything will work together.

Got it @stephenb. Thanks

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