Version compatibility issue

I have used Logstash version 6.2 ,(Elasticsearch version 6.2 and Kibana version 6.2)AWS EK previously. Previously with the above versions it was working perfectly.But i upgrade my Elastic search and Kibana 6.2 AWS version to newest one the logs are not showing the Kibana there any impact for my version upgrade.

Kibana and Elasticsearch must run exactly the same version so you need to upgrade Kibana as well.

@Christian_Dahlqvist kibana and elastic serch are in the same version now(7.10) but the logstash is in 6.2 is that impact to the pipeline

The upgrade path goes via Elasticsearch 6.8 so you can use the upgrade assistant to identify any potential issues before going to 7. I have never tried upgrading directly to 7 from such an old version so don’t know if this would cause problems.

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