Kibana 6.8.2 compatibility with Elasticsearch 7.6.2

Hi Team

Just wonder that if Kibana 6.8.2 is compatible with ES 7.6.2.

We have dockerized ELK setup where currently we are using version 6.8.2 for Elasticsearch/Kibana/Logstash and planning Rolling upgrade to version 7.6.2.

So once all the nodes in ES are upgraded to 7.6.2, will the current Kibana and Logstash with 6.8.2 work ? In any case, Kibana will be upgraded after the ES nodes and after Kibana, Logstash will be upgraded.
What should be the correct sequence of upgrading the cluster. Is there any support matrix compatibility between ELK products ?


Yes, Kibana 6.8.x is compatible with all Elasticsearch 7.x versions. After upgrading to Elasticsearch, Kibana should continue to work fine.

I will note that as documented in our upgrade docs, you must shutdown all Kibana 6.x nodes before starting up the 7.x node. Otherwise, you may have data loss.

Is there any support matrix compatibility between ELK products ?

We have documentation on version compatibility but it actually does not mention the cross major compatibility. In general, products are not compatible across major versions except for the last minor in a major. In this case, 6.8.x is the last minor of the 6-series and is compatible with all 7.x Elasticsearch versions.

Thanks Joshdover. This satisfies my query.
Is there any issue with Logstash 6.8.2 running with ES and Kibana 7.6.2 ? because Logstash will be upgraded after ES and Kibana.


The same policy applies to Logstash as well :slight_smile:

Thanks Joshdover.. :slight_smile:

Hi @joshdover

For managing indices currently we are using Curator. After upgrade we want to follow ILM policy to manage indices. How to migrate from Curator to ILM policy ?


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