Installation fails when I specify a custom installation directory

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Windows 10
I checked 'use a custom installation directory' then set one or more directory locations to mapped folders in a NAS, the installation appears to progress for a while but then rolled back and displayed 'an error occurred during installation'.
What am I doing wrong?

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ref.: Run ES on two servers and store the index in NAS
dadoonet advises "Just use local disks" without explaining why, but I want the capacity and security of the NAS.

(David Pilato) #3

For obvious performance reasons.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

Even though it is a bit old, I believe this recommendation is still valid.

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The performance reasons are not obvious, though David Pilato's response is obviously unhelpful
the computer is a Dell Precision T5500 Dual Intel Xeon E5530 Four-core CPUs, 16-Threads, 72GB RAM
the NAS is a Synology DS3617xs with 48Gb RAM

  • volume 1 (for data) comprises 120Tb (10x12Tb WD Gold) in RAID6
  • volume 2 (for index) comprises 20Tb (2x10Tb WD Red) in RAID1

The switch is a TP-Link TL-SG1024D 24 Port Gigabit
The network cables are cat6

I wish to analyze over 70Tb of unchanging pdf documents whilst maintaining affordable data integrity for both data and indexes.

I am the only user.

If the speed issue is the obvious problem, where is the likely bottleneck and why isn't the elastic error message more specific?

(How) is it possible to adapt (add/subtract/change) my hardware or data storage regimen to accommodate elasticsearch?

(David) #6

I guess that I could transfer the two 10Tb drives from the NAS into the computer, then set them up in raid0 but:
1 - (how) could I backup the 20Tb raid0 array - now located in my workstation - to my NAS ?
2 - is it only the index drive that needs to be fast?

(David) #7

T5500 has space for only 2 drives
OS on one of 'em
I've added 8Tb WD red in second bay.
This can accommodate the elasticsearch indexes a I'll some-how backup this drive to the NAS

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