Installation Freeze (adding index template)


My Goal:
Install Kibana and Elasticsearch on my Windows 11 VM.

Our Infrastructure
We run our VMs on ESXi and managed them in vCenter.
I have Admin rights but just for my VM.

Install processes
1.) Downloaded Elasticsearch (here)
2.) Moved to C:
3.) Added this to the elasticsearch.yaml

action.auto_create_index: .monitoring*,.watches,.triggered_watches,.watcher-history*,.ml*

4.) started CMDB (Administrator)
5.) .\bin\elasticsearch.bat

And then the installation always freezes at this part:

[2023-09-19T08:50:47,946][INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetadataIndexTemplateService] [XXXX] adding index template [logs] for index patterns [logs--]


It does not freeze. It's just waiting for you to launch some REST requests...

But the I don't get a Token and when I want to generate one I get the following error:

bin\elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token.bat --scope kibana

ERROR: [] must be set to true to create an enrollment token, with exit code 78

That's another question. Elasticsearch is not frozen.

Which version are you trying to install?
If 8.10.0, please upgrade to 8.10.1 and do the installation process again.

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