How to setup kibana 8.1 with Elastic Search 8.1under Windows

Hi ,

we have installed Elasticsearch 8.1 windows version as a services , here localhost:9200 will be browse with user name and password .
and we are not able to run Kibana , and its asking for to generate the Token,
if we try to run the [Elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token]command throwing ERROR: [] must be set to true` to create an enrollment token.
the same if we add under Ealsticsearch.yml file , Elasticsearch services will not stop.

Please Guide us the proper setup step and YML file configuration details.

Sateesh TV

Given that this is a fresh installation, correct ?

With 8.0 there is a new process using enrolment tokens. This differs from previous version installations.

can you please share the installation process , we are following the steps from Elastic portal only, but its not coming properly.

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